Word Fun - Kangaroo



giant rabbit that can kick your b*tt 


hooded sweatshirt with a pouch on the front to put your hands inside if it's cold.


Shoes from the seventies that have zippered pockets on the sides.
Used to hold change, money, and/or condoms.


Describes a woman who's bottom is large, but her top half is tiny. So she looks like a kangaroo.

kangaroo apples

Gee, that hipster's pants are so tight you can see his kangaroo a**les 

Kangaroo Flip

A freestlye skiing manuver that is essentially a double flatspin 900 or in other words (flatpin 360 to flatspin 540 all in one trick). The trick was invented by Jon Olsson and is the most popularized "doulbe flip" in the world of freeskiing along with the double frontflip and double backflip. 

kangaroo hop

An Australian phrase used to describe the jerking motion of a manual car when the clutch & accelerator aren't coordinated properly when starting from a stopped position.


Kangarooing is using overly academic language to try and explain or discuss concepts to someone who may or may not have a background in academia. Kangarooing happens often in activist circles where middle class college educated people will speak in overly academic language, assuming that the rest of the group is also college educated and can understand them.

Kangarooing is also used to obfuscate or obscure the point in an attempt to trick the victim into agreeing with something they may not understand, so that they don't seem stupid.

The term is a reference to an episode of the sitcom "Friends" wherein Joey wrote a letter using the thesaurus section on Microsoft Word for every single word and signed the letter as "Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani".

Kangaroo in the Basement

A term commonly used in reference to a man's condition. Basement meaning pants, and the kangaroo speaks for itself...

Kangaroo mom

Uber protective mom, surpasses a helicopter or lawnmower mom. Does everything for the child and grossly enables the child’s learned helplessness.

kangaroo piss

inexpensive, poor-quality Australian white wine.

Kangaroo Spooning

The act of contouring one's body around that of a sleeping kangaroo. Kangaroos are often sound sleepers, so this is generally a safe practice. However, the act of spooning a waking roo may lead to a brutal and even deadly kick to the unmentionables.


A slang term for the Australian Dollar. The Australian dollar being of so little value its spending power is equivalent to the Russian Ruble.