The Bussers' Tale

There once was a mean, old manager of a busy restaurant.  He forced his bussers to carry their wiping towels in their pockets. One day a young busser nervously came to that crusty manager and said, "I can't carry my towel in my pocket anymore". Suspiciously the manager asked "why not?". The young man said he was getting a rash on his leg from the towel. Now certain of minimum wage mutiny, the manager said "Show me!".

The moment that manager saw the unsightly and painful looking thigh, he set about to find a solution to this pervasive issue - and even thought about changing his ways. The next day he went to a police uniform and supply store. He purchased a type of nylon gun holster but it was not large enough for a towel. He then found that a chalk bag used for rock climbers could accommodate a towel. This sufficed for some years until one day the manager looked inside one of the cloth chalk bags and realized - it was disgusting, moldy, and UNsanitary!!

There had to be a better solution that modernized sanitation and efficiency for restaurant staffs. Thus, Rag-a-Roo was born!! The Perfect Pouch for Restaurants.

And that manager has been much kinder and jovial ever since.